Presentation of the company RTC

Pisarne RTC

RTC d.o.o. is a design and development office, whose focus is on construction and forest machinery design as well as tractors, coaches and different devices mostly for European and Russian market. Recently, RTC is partially oriented also in the field of electric drive vehicles. RTC engineers are representing the qualified and skilled core of the company collaborating with experts from different area of expertise in order to provide the customers complex solutions. Development is done mainly for the European and Russian market.

The Institute RTC was established in the year 2000 as a non-profit organization. It served as an R&D centre for four companies with the common interest of developing pressing tools and tools for cabin interior covers for tractors and buses. In 2011 the company was reformed into a private limited company (Ltd.) with the main focus on construction and forest machinery development. RTC gained also knowledge in the electric drive systems of buses and personal vehicles.


Our activities are based on 3D modeling of products and structural elements with latest software tools, such as PTC Creo, Catia and Elcad. The tools we use allow modern approaches to problem solving, finding simple solutions for complex structures quickly and making documentation in the form of drawings and models for tool manufacturers.

RTC offers services in the research and development area, connecting together seperate companies to accomplish bigger projects and advises companies in solving their development and business challenges. RTC offers companies advise and educational services with regulations and standards on a diverse field of technical challenges. RTC services small and medium-sized enterprises in Maribor, other Slovenian regions and abroad. It operates internationally as a long-term development and service partner for companies. 

RTC primarily develops all necessary documentation and manufacturing support for vehicles, machinery and equipment:

  • product and process development  
  • development toward serial production
  • conceptual and structural design
  • tool design
  • construction documentation
  • technology transfer
  • prototyping
  • testing and homologation
  • preparation of technological documentation
  • economics and organization of companies